The Black Inter-Professional Student's Association

We are a network of personal and professional support for Black graduate and professional students in Canada.

We're Better Together.

We exist because Black graduate and professional students are underrepresented in many faculties , like medicine, law, social work, and business administration.

We serve as a platform to connect Black students with professionals, employers, aspiring Black undergraduates, and each other.

Our purpose is to support our members and prepare them to excel in their professional careers. Together, we can change the story.

Build with BIPSA

Build Community

We hold regular events to make sure our members get the social support they need to succeed.

Build Connections

We help connect our members with mentors and networking contacts in their fields to help make sure they always have someone in their corner

Build Capacity

We bring in experts and industry insiders to hold development workshops to help prepare our members to succeed as racialized minorities in professional fields.

Build Conduits

We work with professional and graduate faculties to help improve their admission processes and increase the numbers of black students at the highest levels of education.

Steps To Success


High School

The road to the professions starts in high school, where students must earn a place in university. BIPSA aims to help more Black highschool students to see themselves as doctors,lawyers, engineers, nurses, and provide them with resources to help them achieve their goals.



Admission into graduate programs requires outstanding grades and extracurricular involvement during undergrad. BIPSA connects current professional students with aspiring undergraduates to share advice and mentorship for success. We also help showcase the many graduate & professional options available to students.


Professional School

Black representation worsens at each step on the road to becoming a professional. By graduate school, Black students are often a tiny minority in their faculty. BIPSA provides a place for students in different programs to get together and support each other towards success.



Black people are underrepresented in professional fields, but in today's world, there are many black people who are working at the highest levels. BIPSA helps these professionals give back by connecting them with our members to provide advice, mentorship, and valuable contacts.

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